We are often asked about root canal treatment and when it’s necessary. Root canal treatment is required when the pulp (the soft tissue inside the tooth containing nerves and blood vessels) becomes inflamed, infected, or damaged by injury or tooth decay.

Some of the symptoms that may require root canal treatment

Do you experience any of the following?

Sensitivity to hot or cold drinks or food

Do you avoid eating ice cream or drinking a hot coffee due to experiencing severe pain? Does the pain continue even after you’ve stopped eating or drinking?

Severe toothache while chewing

Does it hurt when you attempt to chew food?

Discolouration or darkening of the tooth

A previously healthy tooth that has darkened considerably and stands out from the rest of your teeth and molars is an indicator that the tooth may have suffered nerve or soft tissue damage.

Swelling/Inflammation of gums

Are your gums inflamed? Particularly near the tooth that is causing you pain?

Recurring Pimple on the gums

Intermittent recurring pain

Do you experience unbearable pain in a particular tooth that comes and goes?

Painful throbbing sensation of the affected tooth

What is involved in Root Canal Treatment?

Frequently Asked Questions About Root Canal Treatment

Is root canal treatment pain-free?

Due to the use of local anesthetic the treatment is virtually painless. It’s possible that after the treatment that you’ll experience some pain. If that’s the case we recommend the use of paracetamol or ibuprofen. If the pain continues for a longer period, please get in touch with your dentist.

How long does a root canal treatment take?

The duration of a root canal treatment depends on the number of root canals. Not every tooth has the same number of canals. A normal tooth often has 1 canal, molars often have multiple canals. The treatment can vary from half an hour to two hours.

How does the tooth look after root canal treatment?

In the past, teeth that had undergone root canal treatment would look slightly darker than the rest. Due to modern day techniques, this rarely occurs nowadays.  If a small discolouring occurs, this can be easily resolved. There are a number of possibilities available to restore your teeth to a natural color.

If I don′t have root canal treatment what happens then?

If the dental pulp is infected and not treated then it will not be cured. The only alternative to root canal treatment is the removal of the tooth or molar that’s infected. In some cases that’s the best solution. It’s always better to keep your natural teeth, therefore we advise to always have root canal treatment if it’s required.

Alternatives to Root Canal Treatment

The only viable alternative to Root Canal Treatment is to extract the affected tooth. This can also be carried out in combination with placing a bridge or implant. However, we recommend having a root canal treatment. If you are nervous or anxious about the procedure, our specialists are trained in dealing with dental anxiety and can help deal with any concerns you have about the procedure. You can always contact us and speak with a specialist before the procedure.

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