Anterior Bite Plane

To help minimize tooth wear due to grinding, reduce muscle pain and tension, and diagnose muscle and joint pain issues, a removable appliance called an Anterior Bite Plane may be recommended.

An anterior bite plane is a small appliance fabricated by your doctor that is placed on your upper front teeth creating a platform on which your lower teeth can sit and glide. It is typically worn while sleeping but can be worn during the day, typically not to exceed 8 hours. While creating a platform for the front teeth to touch, the appliance prevents back teeth from touching, protecting them from wear and minimizing stress on the jaw muscle. In addition, an expertly constructed appliance will help put the jaw joint into its most natural resting state, allowing you and your doctor to evaluate the extent of the disparity between that position and your current bite.

In the right circumstances, an Anterior Bite plane is an excellent choice to help decrease clenching and grinding, and virtually eliminate the tooth destruction caused by it. It can promote the longevity of your natural teeth and reduce the need for extensive restorative dentistry in the future.

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