Orthodontic Retainers- Fixed

During the final stages of orthodontic treatment, your doctor will likely recommend the use of retainers to allow your teeth to settle into their new positions while preventing them from drifting back into misalignment. One available option is what is called a fixed retainer.

A fixed retainer is a custom designed wire securely bonded to the back of the teeth to hold them in optimal orthodontic alignment. The retainer maintains alignment of the teeth, and since it is fixed in place it eliminates the potential of being lost that is typically associated with removable retainers.

However, because they are bonded to the teeth, fixed retainers make dental hygiene more time consuming for the wearer, and it is possible for them to become detached from the teeth, requiring repair. Once your doctor has determined the retainer is no longer necessary, it is un-bonded from your teeth. The overall time span you will need to wear your retainers for will be determined by your doctor. It is important to follow their recommendations to best promote the longevity of your orthodontic alignment.

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