Dental Cyst

A dental cyst is a closed sac that can be made up of air, soft tissue, or fluid that forms next to or around teeth. If left untreated, dental cysts can cause severe problems for your oral health.
This type of cyst can form on any tooth, and is most often found at the crown of the tooth or at the tip of the root. The formation of dental cysts can have many potential causes- including infection, trauma, or the improper development of a tooth.
When a cyst initially forms it is usually small with potentially no infection present, often causing no pain. It may be detected by visual examination, soft tissue examination, or on dental x-rays.
As the cyst expands, it can weaken the jawbone, and press against the neighboring teeth, affecting their normal function.
Additionally, if left untreated it can become infected and develop into an abscess, or pocket of pus, which can spread the bacterial infection throughout the body.
It is important to work with your doctor to treat a dental cyst as early as possible to prevent any potential long-term affects to your oral health.

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