Osseous Surgery

When periodontitis has resulted in bone loss, it can form deep, uneven pockets around the teeth, your doctor may recommend a procedure called Osseous Surgery to reduce the depth of these pockets and help bring the area back to health. These deep pockets accumulate harmful bacteria that can’t be reached by normal cleaning, preventing the gums from ever healing on their own.

To reduce these pockets, first your doctor will expose the area and use a hand scaler to remove the hardened deposits, called calculus, that surround the teeth and root surface. The bone surrounding the tooth is reshaped and smoothened to recreate a favorable bony architecture.
Next, the area is sutured and allowed to heal, your doctor will let you know when the area is fully recovered. Once complete, the pockets surrounding your teeth will be reduced creating an environment where your mouth has a better chance of recovering from the damage caused by periodontitis.

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